Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Support Kim Davis

I just wanted to make a brief statement, I support County Clerk Kim Davis and her right not to participate in something that is gravely sinful and immoral and that goes against her religious beliefs.

As a Catholic I myself have the same religious belief regarding the invented same-sex marriage baloney. There is no such thing and there never was. Further I don't acknowledge any fake marriage between people of the same sex. People are either very stupid in this day and age or so immoral and perverted that they don't know any better.

Kim Davis was working at her job before there was anything called same-sex marriage. She met all of her responsibilities and apparently did her job just fine. You cannot force someone to do something that goes against someone's religion and wasn't in the job description when she was originally hired.

The obvious solution is to find some liberal nut to work as a secondary clerk to cover the needs of people who are too cheap or stupid to get over to another county to get their same-sex marriage signed off on.

This Judge Bunning, who claims to be a Catholic, should be excommunicated for his attack on Christianity and religious freedom.

If I sound bitter, I am, because the American people who continued to vote against it were quashed, ignored, and are now being forced to "accept" this warped and perverted belief which is simply outrageous. This false idea is just so stupid and nonsensical it is beyond reason. So, yes, I support Kim Davis and the Left better watch out when it comes to how far they think they can push us.

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