Friday, September 18, 2015

Trump, the Media, Set-ups and Democratic Plants

Considering the media attention that the non-event of some guy, who made a statement at a Donald Trump speech, is making me think that the "audience member" was a plant. When I was up in New Hampshire at a Dr. Ben Carson speech, a member of the audience who wanted to "ask" a question was labeled a "birddog" by one of the organizers. He then said, "a birddog is a political plant."

It has all the earmarks of it being a "created" event. Just the fact that within hours of this Trump speech, this totally non-notable incident, was all over the internet and the media.

The most obvious response to these chuckleheads who are trying to make hay that Trump didn't correct this man is the question, "Do we all have to "correct" people whenever it is implied that Obama is a muslim?" Is this really our responsibility? Especially when Obama can't even get his religion straight and had to be corrected by George Stephanopoulos that it was his "Christian faith!"
It could have been a real person making that statement because since the day a Hillary Clinton supporter, Philip Berg, pointed out that Obama claimed he was born in Kenya until the day he decided to run for the White House, legitimate questions remain about the birth certificate that he presented.

And, I suppose it could be just a coincident that the Justice Department has been trying to destroy Sheriff  Arpaio through endless court cases against him. However, considering that Arpaio has headed a taskforce to look into allegations that Obama's birth certificate was actually a computer generated counterfeit and has gathered an enormous amount of evidence to prove it, it seems less a coincidence and more of a punishment and a way to attack Arpaio's integrity.

Also, the belief that Obama is a muslim isn't really that far out, because he at the very least WAS a muslim. His name is Barack Hussein Obama and he has surrounded himself with advisors who are muslims in the White House and the Pentagon.

The most basic activity of a Christian even one who goes to church once or twice a year is the celebration of Christmas. Even someone who is just a Christian by tradition celebrates Christmas by having a Christmas tree and exchanging gifts. Not Obama, however, he had a "holiday tree" (whatever that is) at the White House. He doesn't exchange Christmas presents his wife and his "celebration one year consisted of exercising on Christmas Day.

Then if you take into consideration his policies in the Middle East, bowing to Arab royalty, his Iran deal and his support for the Muslim Brotherhood, it is certainly understandable that people might think he is STILL a muslim.

So despite all the above mentioned information and why there is actually good reasons for people to come to certain conclusions about Obama, I think this whole thing may be one great invented news story by a Liberal plant because of the way it has been playing out.
Remember the invented racist slurs that were supposedly shouted out at black members of Congress a few years back? No one actually heard any slurs being shouted, nothing was on video, there was no audio recordings... NOTHING. All there was were several Democrat politicians who claimed the event happened and the huge media reports on something that seems pretty obvious never occurred. Either the plant who was scheduled to do the yelling chickened out or his shouts were so quiet only the people who expected that they were coming heard them!
Then of course there was the Mitt Romney "recording" which was recorded by or arranged by Jimmy Carter's grandson to capture Romney saying something, anything that could be used against him. I personally think whatever they recorded was pretty weak, but the media had huge reports on that too.
This is typical Democrat/KGB type smear tactics. Period. 

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