Thursday, June 15, 2017

Are you a sick puppy too?

One of the first times in my lifetime that politicians were shot and shot at because of their political party, took place yesterday. Gabby Giffords was shot by one of her constituents who was a satanist and unhappy with her response to some letters he wrote her, so that is not the same situation.

Yesterday, James T. Hodgkinson shot several people simply because they were Republicans. If he had succeeded it would have been one of the biggest slaughter of politicians in our country's history. People have been brandishing the words, "nut," or "crazy," but to be honest, I haven't seen the evidence that he was anymore nuts or crazy than other's, such as the the Julius Cesar play in New York that has converted Julius into a Donald Trump double and the audience cheers as he is attacked and stabbed to death by the senate.

I would argue that Hodgkinson was not insane, he was just full of hate. People just like him can be found all over the internet, on both sides of the isle, but with a much more biting and vengeful crowd on his side of the political scale. One such person was Darryl Moler of Suches, Georgia, posted, shortly after the news of the attack in Virginia came out, this little gem, "At least there were no Christians shot at in VA today just some Republicans." Obviously, Republicans are sub-human, like the slaves were to their Democrat owners before the Civil War.

Closer to me, in Massachusetts is Matthew Dunhan, who can only be described as a union thug.  He graduated from Rockland High School and is a journeyman at Alliance Power. He works as an electrician at Siemens.

He obviously shares a lot of the same beliefs and hatreds as James T. Hodgkinson the would-be assassin. He is also a member of the Facebook page Terminate the Republican Party. He posted yesterday before the injured even had their surgeries that, "The Termination of the Republican Party has begun."

He also gleefully posted on the same page and his own Facebook Wall this: "I haven't been this happy since Scalia died.

I hope that the FBI will begin monitoring these types of individuals because they aren't just writing something in anger, never expecting something bad will actual take place, they are relishing the attempted murder of United States politicians. This monster Dunham went on to make this threat...

"Absolutely time for them (Trump/Republicans) to learn fear. They think we won't shoot back. They are foolishly wrong my friend. Labor will revert to the old days if the continue and blood will run deep. Mark my words. If they try to take it all, our wages, our heathcare, our way of life....."

The reason I concentrated on Dunham, since there are thousands and thousands of examples of this type of violent hatred all over the media and internet I could have sampled, is because this Dunham individual has friends on Facebook who share friends with me! This guy, in my opinion, a sick puppy.

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