Thursday, November 21, 2013

Steven Seagal Answers Jean-Claude Van Damme

After watching Jean-Claude Van Damme's awesome Volvo truck commercial my first thought was... "What will Steven Seagal do?"

Well, this video show Steven Seagal's answer to Van Damme's stunt and it will totally blow you out of the water it is soooo awesome!

Friday, October 25, 2013

New Acting Gig - December 2013

I'm very excited to report that in December 2013 I will be working on my fourth episode of the web series Holding, created, written, directed and starring Casey McDougal.

It will be my third acting gig on the series, but I shot the pilot for her, until someone with more talent took over the filming of the other shows.

My last work on the series was playing a cable access interviewer Myron Moreland. I had a great deal of fun doing that and I think it is going to be a very funny Minisode!

Casey and I have been friends for years. We first ran into each other on a movie set and have been making fun of each other ever since. She starred as "Casey" in my recently completed comedy The Girl of His Dreams, which came out well, if I do say so myself! The only reason why I cast her was because I needed to find someone named Casey to play the part! Pity that "Casey" was originally supposed to have been a guy! 

Here is an interview with Casey McDougal concerning my film:

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Man in the Movie - Behind the Scenes

George A. Borgman, Eric B. Borgman's father, was given two prominent roles in his son Eric's first feature film The Man in the Movie.

The Man in the Movie is a comedy about a nerdy librarian who discovers silent comedies at a Silent Comedy Film Festival and discovers that one of the silent comedians looks very familiar to him.

George played an annoyed theater goer and a silent comedy "heavy."

Here is behind-the-scenes footage that George video taped during one of his scenes at the movie theater.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

'Cause I've Got Somethin' To Say - The Fugitive Revisited

The movie The Fugitive and Harrison Ford have always been two things I liked.
In the latest 'Cause I've Got Somethin' To Say piece I ponder whether Harrison Ford was the first choice for the role of Dr. Richard Kimble and wonder aloud if any other Hollywood stars auditioned.
I had filmed more of this Improv, but in the hopes of showing mercy on the viewer, I edited down to this...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Col. David Crawford

Colonel David Crawford (c. 1625[1] – 1710) was a member of the House of Burgesses and an early plantation owner in Virginia.

David Crawford was born circa 1625, in Scotland, emigrating to the Virginia Colony with his father, John Crawford around 1643.[2] His father was later killed during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676.

Crawford amassed many acres of land and owned a large plantation that eventually became the site of Richmond, Virginia. On April 2, 1692 he was elected to the House of Brugesses as one of two representatives from New Kent County, Virginia for two years. He introduced a piece of legislation, requiring that County Clerks maintain an office in their respective County Courthouse.

As an elderly man he is reported to have been killed by some Pamunkey Indians in 1710 in New Kent Co., Virginia. The site of David Crawford's fortified home was under excavation in 2010.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I want to briefly write about a great project a friend of mine has been working on and in which I was lucky enough to help her out with. That project is a series called Holding. It's a clever idea created by Casey McDougal whom I, a few years ago, begged to be in my comedy film The Girl of His Dreams, which she was!

Casey has been writing, producing and directing a series of episodes which chronicle the life of being an actor. She asked me to be DP for the pilot episode and I was thrilled to do it. A couple of weeks ago she allowed me to take part on the other side of the camera for a small role too for her third episode! I had a fun time working in a scene with John Henry Soto, Steve Ricard and of course Casey.

I can't wait to see the set of episodes!