Monday, September 30, 2013

The Man in the Movie - Behind the Scenes

George A. Borgman, Eric B. Borgman's father, was given two prominent roles in his son Eric's first feature film The Man in the Movie.

The Man in the Movie is a comedy about a nerdy librarian who discovers silent comedies at a Silent Comedy Film Festival and discovers that one of the silent comedians looks very familiar to him.

George played an annoyed theater goer and a silent comedy "heavy."

Here is behind-the-scenes footage that George video taped during one of his scenes at the movie theater.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

'Cause I've Got Somethin' To Say - The Fugitive Revisited

The movie The Fugitive and Harrison Ford have always been two things I liked.
In the latest 'Cause I've Got Somethin' To Say piece I ponder whether Harrison Ford was the first choice for the role of Dr. Richard Kimble and wonder aloud if any other Hollywood stars auditioned.
I had filmed more of this Improv, but in the hopes of showing mercy on the viewer, I edited down to this...