Thursday, September 21, 2006

Saint Columbia of Cordova and Sister Leonella Sgorbati

Lets take a look at the Roman Catholic saint; Saint Columbia of Cordova, Spain. She was born in Cordova, Spain in the 800's. Her brother was an abbot and both her sister and her husband founded a double monastery at Tabanos, Spain. Inspired by the faith and charity of her family members Columbia became a nun at the Tabanos convent despite her mother's objections. In 852 A.D. the nuns of Tabanos were forced to flee for their lives from the misunderstood members of the "religion of peace," the Moors, who were persecuting the Christians at this time. Most of the nuns fled but Columbia proclaimed her Christian faith to the Moorish magistrate and he had her head lopped off for it. The Catholic Church celebrated her death on the feast day of September 17th. Almost twelve hundred years later and not much has changed for members of the eternally misunderstood "religion of peace," just killed another Catholic nun Leonella Sgorbati and her bodyguard in Somalia on September 17, 2006. Sister Leonella was 65 years old and gave most of her life, forty years, to missionary work in Africa. She was shot in the back outside of a hospital.

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