Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sorry, Spirit Guides Are Demons!

Too many people nowadays take for granted that "dead people," “spirits,” or “angels” can communicate with “special” people and give them insight or hidden information. Blame the New Age movement or the modern obsession with the occult, but whatever the reason, the “spiritual” people who believe this, are all wrong! These “spiritual” people who reject religion or more specifically who reject Christianity have no idea what they are talking about. Don’t buy into their mumbo jumbo because it can have very serious consequences for you.

These so-called "guides" that communicate with so-called psychics are just demons posing as the spirit of a dead human being or an angel. People who automatically jump on the fact that I, as a Christian, am simply just stating what’s said in the “Christian” Bible and am using that to suggest that these spirits are demons, will say I’m all wet! What is so interesting, however, is that the Bible does talk about this phenomenon and actually explains it. We can read about the so-called psychic girl who can tell people’s futures for a price in the New Testament. One of the Disciples casts out the demon that was making this possible and the slave girl’s owner sues the Disciple.

The fact, that these spirits are referred to and explained as to what they actually are is important. People today, have given testimony as to spiritual problems they have had with demons and how they have had to pray to Jesus Christ for their freedom from these creatures.

Sure, they are spirits, they were angels, but most importantly they are evil. Don’t mess with them. Don’t have an inordinate amount of interest in them. Don’t hold séances, don’t “play” with Ouija boards, don’t try to explore “haunted houses.” Everybody thinks it would be so cool to be psychic! Wow. Impress your friends, scare your enemies, use it like a parlor trick! Awesome… NOT!

These “friendly” spirits that influence you and can give you “insights” or even just plain speak to you in your head, are not really there to “help” you. They are working with their own agenda. They are working for their boss ultimately to get your soul, but can use you to cause others to go down the wrong path as well. Once they are done with you, they don’t care what happens to you. If you decide that you don’t want to follow their advice or worse yet, you try to get rid of them or start attending church, watch out! You will see their wrath!

These devils will lie to you. They will pose as a dead relative - Nana or Uncle Ted, but they are not. They will start feeding you all the occult lies about re-incarnation and the afterlife. They will want to lure you away from your Christian religion, if you believe, and will want to get you involved in paganism and other occult practices. Of course, when they make out that you have been “chosen” or are “special,” who wouldn’t want to hear that, they must be telling the truth! Right? Many people don’t even doubt what they are told.

One might argue that children, who must be innocent, have these psychic experiences and so they must be special, because why else would it happen. Some people that it happens to, are nominally religious even! Unfortunately, the sins of the ancestors can affect you. If some great-grandfather was a Freemason he could have professed his way into giving his family over to these demons. Someone in your family or ancestry who fooled around with witchcraft, made pacts with the devil, made wishes for riches or fame, or held séances can actually affect you! Being immoral and hanging around with the “wrong people,“ like wiccans, satanists, or occultists; not being baptized even, all these things, can be inviting “spirit guides,” or “angels,” into your life. Of course, these things are guides only on how to get you to Hell and how to take others with you. They are angels, only in the sense that that is what they originally were and are now sometimes referred to as dark angels. They are spirits only in the sense that they have no bodies, but they are actually unclean spirits, which are demons.

The Judeo-Christian Bibles do talk about these creatures. Yes, absolutely. They expose them for what they are! These evil things quake at the name of Jesus Christ. It has been shown time and time again through deliverances and Exorcisms! They are not all knowing; all seeing spirit guides. No, they are lying, cowering, thugs, that will trick and fool unsuspecting and unprepared people into Hell.


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    This is the most pathetic thing I have ever read in my life! I suggest that you do more research before you write about something you know very little about. Spirit Guides have nothing to do with Freemasons...they don't even believe in them! Secondly the bible has been tainted by man, so I would not believe everything that you read in it. I have a spirit guide, and I communicate with him on a regular basis...he has never tried to get me to do anything bad, and likes that I go to church. He even encourages it!! Spirit guides are with you to help you through your life...they help you understand the bigger picture, and remember that there is a higher power who created you. My spirit guide talks about God and Jesus a lot. It is always very positive, and sometimes we talk about what was said at church. It is just like a Christian to scream "Demon" at everything they don't understand! You people are just as bad as the so called "terrorists" in Afghanistan!

  2. Thank you for commenting. You are the perfect example of the type of person I was writing about. You, unfortunately are one of the taken in, fooled by what you have been told by your friendly neighborhodd demon. The fact that you use "Christian" as a pejorative lets me assume you are not a Christian. Then, of course, what "church" would you be going to? When someone like you fully co-operates with a demon, as you are indeed doing, it doesn't need to fight with you. You are already its possession. Just talking to it and listening to it is bad. But what good person would refer to the muslim murderers as "so called terrorists?" What good person would suggest that a Christian is "as bad as the," "terrorists in Afghanistan." If on the very off chance you actually attend a church of the Christian denomination I challenge you to speak with your reverend about your "spirit guide" and to further express your other beliefs to him about the corruption of the Bible by man, how it's "just like a Christian to scream "Demon" at everything they don't understand," and how faithful Christians are the same as murderous terrorists. Once you do that you can report back to me.

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    You are psychotic...

  4. Ah, yes, a typical response by an occultist, or anyone for that matter, who can't actually argue with the truth. Yep, typical.

  5. Anonymous4:04 PM

    God conditions the heart of man. And the good thing about soil is, it has to be fertile to receive. When offense is taken without knowledge it comes out as slander. Keep your course. I appreciate this post. Spirit guides or not, God is still in control. And every man is held accountable for searching out the truth. Not settling for what "feels good". There is only one way, through Christ. Anything else is a development well constructed by Satan. Spirit Guides are 100% evil. Want to test yours? Tell it you want to serve Jesus Christ.

  6. Well thought out and stated. Thanks for your post! Peace in Christ.

  7. Anonymous5:27 PM

    To the person who made the comment about their spirit guide encouraging them to church that's all good ...but I wonder what this ' spirit' guide would have to say about the idea and REALITY of satan being a defeated foe in light of the death,blood shed by Jesus, and just as important His Resurrection...His Priestly ministry on fallen man s behalf see Hebrews...and His soon 100% sure that in the light of the Cross the true dark nature of the demon you call your spirit guide would be revealed....we are living in the last days and it is not by chance you came onto this blog...God is in the saving business!

  8. Anonymous8:16 PM

    The guides encouraged you to go to church knowing you since birth they knew that you would never go whether they encouraged you or not. They knew that by encouraging you to go to church that you would think that they were good and not evil. There are not spirit guides, there are absolutely no ascended masters or anything else out there talking to you but the demnic. The Holy Spirit is the only other spirit. If you are not talking to the Holy Spirit you are talking to a demon and the demons main goal is to keep you coinfused long enough to die without giving your heart to Christ. The sad thing is that you are the only one that does not realize it, you and your psychic medium, healer friends. We want you to know Christ and to have the same blessed Hope that we have. Our almighty God and the Creator of all things could certainly make sure that man has had no influence over what He Himself wanted in the Bible. Some men have tried to change it and there are actually a few of those cults still around all started by a man talking to a demon thinking it was an angel. Come on, it is plain to see. We are not being arrogant, the Holy Spirit makes it clear for those who want to see. Justr out of the bluse say to your guide, in the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ reveal your true self and it will have to, it will have no choice in Jesus name, your wonderful guide will have to show you its real grotesque appearance and you will know that there is a God in Heaven, Dont take a chance on your eternity and don't let pride take you to hell for eternity. Tell your guide exactly what we have told you and come back here and we can tell you what to do next.