Monday, June 15, 2015

"The Deserter" - Book Mention

My silent, comedy feature, The Deserter, what I call A Revolutionary Comedy! - was mentioned in a book sometime back entitled Colonial America  by Deirdre Clancy Steer and Amela Baksic.

Many other period movies and television productions are listed also, but, I consider it an honor that my little film The Deserter shares a page with The Adam's Chronicles, Mel Gibson's The Patriot and The Last of the Mohicans!

For those who have no idea what The Deserter is here is a preview of it.

It has been described as a "silent comedy," a "comedy-drama," a "masterpiece," "a remake," (which it isn't) and just about everything under the sun. One thing it hasn't been called, at least to my knowledge, is "unoriginal." And for that I am proud, because there really isn't another film out there quite like it.

It is a silent film with music, but with no inter-titles, even Keaton used inter-titles for his masterpiece The General. The Director's Cut has a 12 minute long battle scene which follows the ebb and flow of an 18th Century battle. The music utilized is ragtime and 18th Century fife and drum. It might not be for everyone, but I am still excited when I think back on the years I labored making it.

I was lucky to have some great actors and hams to act in it! Some very generous and funny people. Unhappily, a few have passed away, but I am still in communication with some of them.

For those interested in buying a copy of the film (I made up a second printing) it can be purchased at various websites including...

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